The Team, pt. 2

While the workmen are from Montenegro, our friend-designer is from Virginia. We’ve known Amy forever, and she’s been crazy helpful with this project — even though she claims “it’s nothing.” In fact, she can pinpoint what you like about a room even though you can’t articulate it, she figures out ways to copy stuff you like without breaking the bank, she’s got exquisite taste, and she knows all sorts of tradesman in NYC. And best, when it seemed like Ryan and I couldn’t agree on something, she’d not only mediate, she’d figure out a better option that we hadn’t even thought of.

Here Amy is with the tile we’re using, which she helped pick out at Bella Tile here in NY.

Amy recently re-did her bathroom, too, and said it looks like Barbra Streisand lives there, so based on that experience, she advised us against some of the more flashy tiles we had initially liked, which were sort of Gianni Versace-esque. Thanks, Babs!


6 responses to “The Team, pt. 2

  1. I’m a big fan of Amy and her bangs. They do great work!

  2. I think we need to see a picture of Amy’s bathroom! I want to know what kind of bathroom Barbara Streisand lives in!

  3. All of a sudden I have the urge to take a bubble bath and watch The Way We Were…

  4. Is that what Amy looks like sober?

  5. hi ryan!!
    love your blog…what a great idea. and thx 4 sharing..i love it when people share ideas and things they like/dislike….not everybody does….
    we used the same tile in our b-room…still love 2yrs later…xxxx hi to tom

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