Our now lived-in new bathroom

Some shots of the not-so-new anymore bath, which we’re still loving. (Click on any photo to see larger image.)

view in from landing

Looking in from landing

sinks and TP roll, talo lights


The lights over the vanity are Talo from Artimede. Faucets are Axor Citterio from Hansgrohe. Like everything we picked out. And they’re all still working.

axxor citterio hansgrohe

the famous cat vanity

The secret litter box

My worry was that Bean and Bart would never use the box. Bart’s a little heavy and that door was a little small. But they figured it out and have been very prolific in their business. Also, we put an outlet right next the box and found this genius plug-in carbon air filter from Febreze. It’s spectacularly effective. If they stop making the filters, though, we’re screwed.

Speaking of cats, the bozos took a while to get used to the glass shower doors and jumped into them a few times, to hilarious effect. The Toto faucet is uncomplicated and works like it should.

tub and Bart

And here’s a shot of the glass doors, also installed by a super nice Montenegrin — and his name was Sajo Magic! And a shot of the niche we had the marble guys make for us.

Shower doors

marble shower niche

And the tiniest toilet made by Toto.  Looked novelty sized when we first put it in.

Tiny Toto Toilet

And the Robern medicine cabinets are amazing. The cats freak out a little when we open them and think there’s some feline colony through the looking glass.


Medicine cabinets & extra cats

Pocket doors work great. And the little bump-out is perfect for towel bars (Valsan) and trash can (K-mart).

pocket door

And then a couple shots of the new closet doors, which are from Sliding Door Company. Customer service stunk at SDC, but the doors seem to work really nicely — but we just had them installed a couple days ago.

sliding doors opened

sliding doors closed









And just for shiz and giggles, the old coffee-dimpled piece-o-crap we had for the last eight years of living here.


Thanks for tuning in!



3 responses to “Our now lived-in new bathroom

  1. so many cat cameos. best post yet.
    looks splendid!

  2. What a transformation! I really like the recessed lighting- nice touch!

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