Getting Very Close

Apart from a pretty short punch list, we seem to be near a new bathroom. A sconce isn’t working, the dimmers are in the wrong place, the shower doors are still being thought about by a glass door contractor from — wait for it — Montenegro. But one piece that we still have to decide: where do towel rods go? The walls are so pretty (painted “Blackened,” a Farrow & Ball color) and the tile looks so nice, I kind of wish we didn’t have to have them. But we do. Somewhere in here:

bathroom walls

Where should they go?

We already bought two of them (brand is called Valsan, which sounds like a prescription for chlamydia) and we have to tell Ted where to put the dumb things.


2 responses to “Getting Very Close

  1. you know, it has been two years since our bathroom reno was finished and i STILL have not been able to commit to a place to hang our hand towels. we’ve got a bar for the bath towels, but nothing for the hand ones. it’s torture.

  2. Congratulations–you have given birth to a bathroom!

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