Feels Like a Fancy Hotel in Here!

Sorry no photos — we left the camera at the beach.  BUT, the bathroom is pretty much finished. I’ll post some super-dramatic ‘before and afters’ soon. The only thing we’re waiting for are the glass doors for the shower and the new closet doors.

Big news is that we put our apartment back together on Friday, including hiring some expert cleaning guy to come in and dust the sh*t out of everything with a surface. I took the day off and moved the bed out of the dining room and set up the dining table, put books back on bookshelves, replaced AC filters, moved Christmas back up into storage, put clothes/shoes/hampers back into the closet, etc. And then we promptly left for the beach as soon as it was done.

So last night felt like the first night back in our apartment in five weeks, and I could actually watch tv now that the clothes rack was gone. (And I got stuck for two hours watching Ella Enchanted, with Anne Hathaway. How embarrassing.) Up until this morning, whenever I was in the bathroom, all I saw was a punch-list. Today was amazing. The AC cooled the bedroom and the new bathroom, and as I stood there with all the mirrored cabinets open, the soft glow of our overhead lights, the cats milling around happily, I felt giddy. It’s just so much better! And I couldn’t believe this great room was in our apartment, for us to use everyday.

My favorite changes: two sinks, the pocket doors, the higher ceilings, the cat vanity, and the new sight-line into the hallway. Other shockingly nice change that I wasn’t expecting — the side project of fixing up our closets gave me two bars for hanging clothes instead of one. Ah-may-zing.

A few items left: hang some art, new bath mats, and that’s about it. Here’s sort of how I felt:

robern mirror

So fancy!


One response to “Feels Like a Fancy Hotel in Here!

  1. can’t wait for your “new bathroom” party!

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