It’s starting to look and feel like a bathroom. We turned on the water, and sure enough, it shot out of the — well, out of the pipe that’s where the tub filler will eventually go. Small miracle, but we had water in a tub.

The subway tile went up the walls and looks great against the floor. Really good. And the grey pencil tile looks sharp, if a little  Thom Browne-y. The grout is only on half the floor as they ran out, but it’s going to look great.

subway tile

Subway tile up wall

But the big reveal came with the tub, which looks crazy amazing. I know Amy will think this is awful, but Barbra Streisand would in fact love to bathe here.

tub surround


4 responses to “Eureka!

  1. Looks great! Shiny perfect tiles everywhere….bathroom renos are the best! I don’t really see the Babs thing, but maybe if you & Ryan drape yourselves in some Donna Karan schmatta you can get full the Barbara effect!

  2. Dear Chelseadweller,

    Love the headshot! Do you think Céline Dion would like your tub? René-Charles?

  3. Lemmy, you are onto something. I say you target Mariah Carey: just start throwing unicorns, rainbows, Hello Kitty and diamonds everywhere. Done!

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