The Team

If your project isn’t DIY, seems the biggest decision is choosing the right team. I feel pretty lucky that we got a good one going here. We talked with two great GCs, both highly recommended. The bids were nearly identical, but one seemed to lean heavily on the potential for cost overruns in his bid, while Ted seemed more certain we could stay on budget; also, he seemed to get our sensibility a bit more.  So Ted McCann is our guy.

However, our apartment is a duplex on the fourth and fifth floors of a walk-up, and the bath is on five. And since we began, there’s been an unrelenting heat wave in NYC, with multiple 100+ days, and there’s no AC in the stairwell. The guys, for demo and then product delivery, have easily gone up and down those five flights 150 times. I’m pretty sure this will not go down as their favorite project.

Yesterday, they had to haul the new 200lb cast iron tub up the five flights. They apparently tried to have the four of them carry it, but it was too awkward. So Mickey said screw it, put it ON HIS BACK, and he’d hump it up. Ted captured the last flight with his iPhone.


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