A Cat Vanity

One of the big reasons for this entire project was to hide the cat box somewhere in the new bathroom. Hence, the cat vanity mentioned in the first post. Our friend Doug (parent to Pam and Madge) asked this morning how this part of the plan was going.

So I give you some shots from Ted of the Cat Vanity as it’s being built in his studio.

cat vanity cat vanity two

Looks like a novelty item from a Tom & Jerry routine. Within, however, is magic:

inside the cat vanity


One response to “A Cat Vanity

  1. Doug + Pam + Madge

    Meow! Wow, I had heard about the luxurious lifestyles of Manhattan cats but had no idea. There will most assuredly be mischief going on here.

    Love the dramatic reveal of “what’s inside.”

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