Week two: progress

Most of the sheet rock went up, including the ceiling, which is so much higher than before! (Okay, really only about three inches, but still.) The tub is in. The closets are replastered and in great shape. New cement board is in the shower area. The pocket doors are (mostly) in. All looks good.

new door to bathroom cement board and tub

We also had to make a few judgment calls this week. Like what wood to use on the vanity. (We chose walnut.) We drove out to Astoria Tiles to meet with (another) Montenegrin named George to pick out our carrara slab. (We chose something called Joyea or Julea or who really knows.) But it’s exactly what we were looking for — it’ll be the top of the vanity, the tub surround, the shampoo niche in the shower and the door saddles. George was great — took some time with us and showed us around the shop.

Also, a couple more shots of the guys this week. Carlos, from Ecuador, and then Eddie with his nephew, who’s learning the ropes on this job. All of them couldn’t be nicer.

Carlos from UruguayThe Montenegrans

Ted, who doesn’t smile for the camera. And finally, the kitties are back and doing very well after summer camp at Uncle Steven’s on 16th Street. However, they hated not being able to get upstairs once home. Bart figured out how to beat down the plastic tarp in about 24 hours, however, and is now fully engaged himself with the renovation.

Ted McCannBart in the tarp


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