Week One: demolition

So the first week is over. We were told to scram by our contractor during the demolition phase. Staying with our friend Jon this week ended up being fun, despite never having the right clothes, shoes, toiletries etc.  And from the short visits we made by the apartment, think moving out was wise. The noise was terrifying; the dust both microscopic and abundant. (Also, we shipped the two kitties off to summer camp at our friend Steven’s apartment on 16th Street. Again, the right move, but I’ve missed them an embarrassing amount and visited them almost every day. Sorry, Steve.)

Here are some photos of the demolition. What you’re seeing here is the landing of our second floor with a new “bump out” to open up the bathroom a little. The framing is for a pocket-door.

And here’s where the his-and-his medicine cabinets will go. They’ll connect, so it’ll be like one big cabinet with two doors. I never liked the individual mirrors over the double sinks — too matchy-matchy. We’ll see how this solution turns out.

And here’s a shot of the room — it looks HUGE without all the cabinets, fixtures, tub, ceiling, walls, etc. I felt like telling our contractor to skip putting everything back in.  Extra space in NYC is intoxicating…

So far, everything is going alright. We had a couple small bumps — the sub-floor needed replacing, which added $850 to the budget. And the Kohler tub we ordered apparently arrived with a crack in it, so we scrambled and found another in stock here in NYC. For the hassle, Gracious Home was, um, gracious enough (gong!) to give us a big discount on the new tub, which means we’ll be able to do a tub surround. (Thanks to Anna at GH for everything — she’s been amazing.) And actually think I might like the new tub more.

And one last thing — now that demolition is over, we’re moving back into our pad. But we’ve put the mattress downstairs into the dining room. Chic, in a Japanese sort of way.


One response to “Week One: demolition

  1. Ellen Girardeau

    This is so great! I have really wanted to see it while it was still “a work in progress.” It’s cleverly written too, an added bonus. Keep it coming!

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