Starting Now

We’re about to start a major (for us) bathroom renovation. In our small, walk-up building in Chelsea NYC, my partner, our two cats and I will head into the project on Monday morning, at 9AM. It’s our only bathroom with a shower, so after it begins, we’ll be less-showered and quasi-nomadic. Fingers crossed.

Why write a blog? While doing research for this project, I found that the personal websites that chronicled similar projects were the most helpful, especially blogs.

So our project is a little specific — small apartment building in NYC with very limited space and a couple oddball requests. (A cat vanity — yes, a cat vanity — among other things.) And so maybe if I track what we’ve done, it might help others when they embark on a similar endeavor.

Deep breath…


3 responses to “Starting Now

  1. Looks much bigger ($$!!) than I had envisioned , but sounds and looks like it will be worth the effort . good luck !

  2. Thank God I stumbled onto your site. I’ve been looking into a cat vanity for Das Boots for ages. Seriously, WTF is a cat vanity?

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